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Oasis Energy is one of the top suppliers of residential and commercial natural gas service in New York , New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

We keep our natural gas pricing simple and straightforward, and never have any hidden charges. Our pricing is measured in “Therms”, which represent 100,000 BTUs of energy. This allows you to quickly calculate your monthly natural gas costs and compare our great plans with the competition.

We offer a variety of natural gas plans. These plans include the following:

Fixed Rate Plans
Many customers enjoy the predictability and price certainty of our fixed rate plans. Fixed rate plans are available in all of our service areas and are a popular choice for people who prefer steady and predictable energy costs. A fixed price plan guarantees you the same price rate each month over the entire term of your contract. This is can save you money and offer price protection if the natural gas supply rates were to rise.

Variable Rate Plans
Variable rate plans require no contract and allow the customer flexibility to switch service at any time with no cancellation fees. Variable rates plans come with less certainty and security than a fixed rate because your monthly rate is subject to increase or decrease as the market for natural gas supply rates change. When prices decline a person with a variable rate plan will experience lower rates, while people on a fixed rate plan will be locked in at the higher rate. Or if market prices spike due to natural disasters, cold winters or market conditions your rate will rise.  As a customer you must decide if you are comfortable with a no contract, flexible plan with a variable rate or if you would prefer the stability of a fixed rate contract. Feel free to contact our customer service to discuss which plan best fits your