Massachusetts Market

small oasisman massOasis Energy proudly services National Grid in Massachusetts (NSTAR coming soon!)

Oasis Energy provides electricity service to Massachusetts homes and business located in the National Grid service territory and will be soon launching in the NSTAR service territory.

Unlike National Grid (or NSTAR), with Oasis Energy consumers are offered valuable options like electricity supply plans that include stable fixed rates(up to 3 years) and/or clean power with a 100% renewable energy plan. 


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You can shop around for your power in MA. It's your right! 

Beginning in the late 1990's Massachusetts' deregualted electricity giving consumers in most utilities the right to choose their power supplier and shop around for better rates, stable fixed rate plans, and clean renewable energy.  This is a big win for consummers in Massachusetts and means several energy suppliers now compete for a consumer’s business rather than the consumer being force to use the local incumbent monopoly. Competition has led to lower prices and increased customer service.


National Grid (& soon NSTAR) still bills you. No seperate bills! 

If you do choose a Oasis Energy as your supplier, you need not worry about service interuption or customer service issues, National Grid (NSTAR coming soon) will continue to deliver electricity to your home and provide meter reading, billing, and other customer services in the field and through their call centers. 

Identical Service- enjoy peace of mind because regardless of the supplier you choose, the transportation and delivery of the energy remains regulated by the state. Your local utility company (National Grid or NSTAR) will continue to deliver your electricity through their poles and wires.


Benefits of Switching

In the past Massachusetts residents and businesses were required to use the local monopoly to supply their electricity. Fortunately, for consumers in Massachusetts the state’s energy markets have been deregulated. This means Massachusetts residents and businesses now have a choice of their energy supplier.

Many Bay Staters have chosen Oasis Energy as their provider of electricity and here’s why:

  • Low cost electricity  rates – Oasis Energy consistently offers lower rates than other energy providers. We understand how important competitive pricing is to our customers.

  • Top notch customer service – At Oasis Energy your satisfaction is vital.  From the beginning we decided your customer service experience is too important to outsource to some overseas call center.  As a result, we’ve made substantial investments in hiring our own customer support reps, trained by our own in house experts, to work in our local offices, right here in the United States of America. Sure, it’s more expensive but being able to effectively resolve issues and answer questions is too important to cut corners.

  • Experience you can count on – Oasis Energy is run by energy market veterans who have been in the business since the beginning of deregulation.





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If you have an outage or emergency with your electricity or natural gas service, you need to contact your local utility provider immediately. Below you can find the contacts to the utilities we currently support in your area:

National Grid: 1-800-465-1212 (Visit their Website)

NSTAR: 1-800-592-2000 (Visit their Website)


Natural Gas:

Not Available