Deregulation Explained

Deregulation is the removal or relaxation of regulations/controls governing a business or service operation such as utilities. This allows for retail rate competition as opposed to monopoly.

Deregulation allows a customer to switch their electric and natural gas supply from their Utility to an ESCO for more competitive pricing.

The Utility and the services it provides stays the same—only the supplier changes.

Oasis Deregulation Explained


The Benefits of Deregulation:

Lower prices for residential consumers
Giving residential consumers a choice of their electricity supplier saves them money.  Before deregulation, consumers were forced to pay artificially high prices for service. After all, what choice did you have? Not many consumers were willing to go without electricity or gas service. With competition and the ability to switch, consumers are now empowered and suppliers must offer competitive market rates to stay in business. Oasis Energy understands this and offers competitive pricing to our residential customers.

Lower prices for commercial and small businesses
Just as residential consumers are enjoying the benefits of competitive choice, businesses of all shapes and sizes are benefiting substantially from deregulation.Small businesses can use those savings to increase their bottom line or pass the savings on to their customers. In a tough economic climate lower costs and the ability to save money can give your business a competitive advantage. Oasis Energy understands this and offers competitive pricing to our commercial and small business customers.

Environmental Benefits
Consumers now have to option to choose electricity that comes from more environmentally friendly green energy sources, such as wind, solar and hydropower. Many consumers are willing to pay a slightly higher rate for these green energy options. This increase in demand is leading to an increase in investment in green energy both in developing new sources and making the current sources more efficient through innovation. By empowering consumers to be smarter, more demanding shoppers, power companies are held to higher standards of efficiency and cleanliness. This helps ensure that your local community is provided with the power they need without increases in pollution or other negative side effects. Oasis Energy is always looking for new ways to offer environmentally friendly service to our customers.

Increased Reliability of Service
Competition leads to increased innovation and bolsters service reliability and improves safety. When power companies were monopolies they had far less incentive to provide reliable service and to invest in their infrastructure. Oasis Energy understand that if you aren’t satisfied with our service, you can switch to a new provider. We work hard to earn your business everyday and that commitment to customer satisfaction has led to the rapid growth of Oasis Energy. We’re proud of the fact that our customers are loyal to us and often refer their friends and family.

Create a level playing field for industry rivalry and competition
This is done by ensuring that all companies have an equal chance to provide service to electricity and natural gas to consumers. Competition not only leads energy providers to be more responsive to their customer needs, watch their costs more closely and maintain competitive pricing, it motivates energy providers to innovate because that may be the only way to maintain an advantage over their competitors. Oasis Energy is always looking for innovations that will improve the satisfaction of our customers.

Increase jobs and benefit local communities
Numerous smaller energy companies employ more people than a single monopolistic utility. The best part is these are American jobs. At Oasis Energy your satisfaction is vital to us. That is why all of our customer service representatives are located right here in the United States of America. Your customer satisfaction is too important to outsource.


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Oasis Explains Deregulation