Veterans Day Discount- Thank you from Oasis Energy

Veterans Day is about honoring the brave men and women who have served their country through military service.

It takes a special breed of person to volunteer for the United States military. Members of our military make huge sacrifices. They are often required to spend extended periods of time away from their families and loved ones, they risk injury and even death, and too often they come home scarred both mentally and physically from witnessing the horrors of war. Through their bravery and sacrifice our veterans have secured our freedom and shaped the United States into the great country it is today. We are so thankful for their service.

All year-round Oasis Energy takes an active role in honoring and improving the lives of veterans through our internal hiring practices, our participation in events, and through our ongoing partnership with organizations like the Veterans Chamber of Commerce in PA, MD & NY. We work with our partners to offer discounts on our energy plans and donate a portion of the proceeds to assist local veterans with job placement and training.)

As an added token of our gratitude, the week of Veterans Day, Oasis Energy is honoring military veterans, active duty military, and their families with discounted electricity.

Discounts vary by market. To take advantage of this discount use the following coupon codes when you sign up online or over the phone.

In Pennsylvania, Maryland & New Jersey use promo code “VCOC”.
(This code is good for discounted electricity & natural gas rates. Plus a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Veterans Connection Center to help vets make the transition from military to civilian life.)

In Massachusetts, New York, & Illinois use promo code “ThankUvets”.
(This code is good for discounted electricity rates on select plans. This promotion is valid the week of Veteran’s day and expires 11/16/2014.)


You can sign up online at, or over the phone by calling 800-324-3046
(Use the appropriate promo codes above during the enrollment process.)

Thanks You Vets!!!

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Oasis Energy Reviews – We want to hear from you.

At Oasis Energy your feedback matters! Give us a review!

Customer reviews are a great way to let us know how we’re doing. We use your customer feedback to identify problems and improve our service. It’s a vital part of Oasis Energy’s never-ending quest to be the best at what we do.

We take criticism personally! Not in a bad way, but in a “we need to fix this immediately” kind of way.

Please take a moment and let us know how we’re doing:
Give us a quick review or let us know if you have a complaint.
(Oasis Energy’s management team reviews all submissions!)

Your reviews are so important we even made a video about it…

Video not working? Check out this alternative video link

Check out what some of our customers are saying about Oasis Energy in their reviews.

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Oasis Energy Complaints? We’ve got a solution for you.

The best way to have your Oasis Energy complaint resolved:


When you’ve serviced hundreds of thousands of customers eventually complaints and customer service issues are bound to pop up. That’s reality. Just because it’s inevitable doesn’t mean we can’t strive to reduce the number of complaints we receive and quickly resolve problems that do happen.

If you have Oasis Energy complaints, your first step is to reach out to our customer service team. Oasis reps are ready and eager to address the vast majority of questions, concerns, or issues you might have with your natural gas or electricity supply service. If you call us at 800-324-3046 (M-F, 8am-5pm est) you can speak to a live rep with little to no hold time. You can also reach us by email at Let us know your problem.

Oasis Customer Service Team

On rare occasion a customer will walk away feeling their issue was not properly resolved by our customer service team and feel like they have no other recourse. As consumers ourselves we’ve all been there, and know how frustrating this can be. That’s why Oasis Energy has created a way for our customers to bypass our customer service team and have their complaint or problem reviewed directly by our management team.

Tell us about your complaint or unresolved issue by filling out the Oasis Energy Complaints Form or emailing This bypasses our customer service team and goes straight to a member of Oasis Energy management.

In addition to a detailed description of the problem, please make sure to include as much relevant information as possible including your name, service address, phone number, email address, and utility account number. This allows us to quickly research and solve your issue.

This may include complaints about any interaction you’ve had with Oasis including dissatisfaction with your supply service, your electricity or gas bill, or an inappropriate interaction or misconduct by one of our customer care agents or one of our door to door sales team members, etc.

If you feel like someone is trying to impersonate an Oasis Energy representative or scam you under the guise of being an Oasis Energy employee please report this to us immediately, so we can take the appropriate actions and get the authorities involved if necessary.

We take complaints personally! If you have a legitimate problem that has gone unresolved…WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT!

Common Misunderstandings:
Since electricity and natural gas deregulation are relatively new concepts, many consumers don’t understand exactly how the process works and the roles the utility and the supplier plays. That’s completely understandable! Utility bills can come across as complicated and confusing and most of the charges are not explained in very much detail. As a result we get a few very common complaint calls, which are simple misunderstandings that can be easily be resolved by our customer service team educating the customer on the process and the roles each organization plays in providing their energy service.

Check out our social profiles:
everything else:

Other relevant Oasis Energy videos:
Most common customer service questions –
Oasis Energy review –
Tree planting program –

Additional local Oasis Energy phone numbers:
Baltimore Area: 410-844-0711
Boston Area: 781-202-9179
Chicago Area: 312-878-0635
Northern New Jersey: 862-229-1447
NYC Area: 212-320-0083
Pittsburgh Area: 412-632-0012
Philadelphia Area: 215-882-9704

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Oasis Energy teams up with Veterans Chamber of Commerce to assist vets

On a regular basis Oasis Energy reviews the direction our company is headed and we ask ourselves…“Can do better?”.

Of course we’re always looking for ways to offer the most affordable power and natural gas service, with lots of options that consumers actually want, like stable fixed rates and clean energy plans. A quick look at the competition’s product offerings tells you Oasis Energy is already a market leader in this area. Also, we never stop improving our customer service experience. At Oasis Energy, customers don’t have to hold to speak with a customer service rep, and we have a dedicated team who works to quickly resolve customer complaints and concerns both over the phone and online.

But is this enough?
We don’t think so. We want to do more. Specifically, we want to do more to improve and strengthen the local communities we serve.

To accomplish this goal, one of our objectives is to provide additional support for the veteran and active military community. Last year we adjusted our hiring practices to specifically target qualified veterans for job positions at Oasis Energy. Now, we’re expanding our support for local vets even further with our new partnership with the Veterans Chamber of Commerce in PA, MD, & NJ. Through this partnership we’re offering all veterans and their families discounted rates on electricity and gas service and donating a portion of the proceeds to assist local vets with job placement and training.

VCOC & Oasis Energy

For more details about our new VCOC discount program and to check rates, availability and to enroll visit:


Below is the press release about this program:
Read full press release on PRWeb


Oasis Energy Partners With Veterans Chamber of Commerce To Offer Power And Gas Discounts In Pennsylvania, Maryland And New Jersey.

Oasis Energy and the Veteran Chamber of Commerce (VCOC) launch of a new program designed to directly assist veterans and their families. The VCOC in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey has chosen Oasis Energy as their partner to offer VCOC members in PA, NJ and MD discounted rates on electricity and natural gas service for their homes and business. In addition to the discounted rates, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Veterans Connection Center to invest in these local veteran communities through training, education, and developing positive connections.

Courtney Wise, the PAVCOC’s Community Executive Director remarked, “The Pennsylvania Veterans Chamber of Commerce is proud to partner with Oasis Energy. Oasis continues to demonstrate not just through words, but also through actions that they support our service men and women 100%. In addition to donating a portion of the revenue from these sales to the PAVCOC, Oasis Energy will provide discounted energy service for our Veteran owned businesses as well as our Service Disabled owned Veteran businesses. Just about every home and business uses electricity and natural gas, so this partnership is a great fit, and benefits a large percentage of our membership base.“

Ed Hale, Oasis Energy’s Director of Sales and a graduate of West Point, described the new partnership with the VCOC by saying, “Oasis Energy is proud to support the veteran community and is especially pleased that we can make an impact at the local level. I know from my time in the service, the US Armed Forces is comprised of some of the most intelligent, dedicated and selfless people in the world. This program allows us to give back and assist organizations providing veteran outreach and support in their local community.”

Hale continued, “We think it’s great how the Veterans Chamber of Commerce helps veterans leverage their valuable skills and relationships into career and business success. As a privately held small business, Oasis Energy always strives to give back to the veteran community, whether it be through discounted services or through our own internal hiring practices. We appreciate and value our veterans, both for their past accomplishments and for what they’re capable of accomplishing in the future.“

This program is available to all VCOC Members in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland who are located in a utility area serviced by Oasis Energy. Members can check rates, availability, and sign up for the veteran’s discount at or by calling Oasis Energy directly at 800-324-3046. Additional details are also available on the Pennsylvania Veterans Chamber of Commerce website at, and on the New Jersey Veterans Chamber of Commerce website at

Enrolling with Oasis Energy for gas or electricity supply service gives members access to a variety of energy plan options not offered by their local utility, such as stable fixed rate plans with up to three years of price protection, and clean energy options like 100% renewable power and 100% carbon offset gas plans.

The signup process takes a few minutes to complete and there is no risk of service interruption due to the change. Customers will still be billed by their local utility as they always have been. The only noticeable change is the utility’s supply rates and charges will be replaced with Oasis Energy’s rates and charges. The quality of service will remain unchanged as the local utility still delivers the electricity or gas, reads the meters, and responds to all outages and emergencies.

Review additional details, pricing, and availability at

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How to avoid shockingly high gas bills.

Have you ever opened your gas bill and had sticker shock? Yeah, that’s no fun.
Oasis Energy wants to help you avoid that feeling as much as possible, here’s how…

The Problem:
When the temperatures drop to very cold levels, this has a huge effect on your gas bill. Because of the extreme cold, you and everyone else suddenly uses significantly more natural gas to heat their homes and businesses.
coldweatherAs everyone in the region demands more energy to heat their homes and businesses, the market demand for natural gas increases, and the market price rises. If you’re on a variable rate for your gas service, this increase can be substantial. (The image below shows how the spot price for natural gas rose from FIVE to TEN TIMES it’s standard price during the cold weather that hit the US during early January 2014. Some of these high natural gas prices are passed on to you.)northeastspotprice

The end result is that you’re hit with a DOUBLE WHAMMY…your natural gas consumption goes UP and the rate you pay for your natural gas goes UP!

The Solution:
How can you soften the blow that unexpected cold weather will have on your gas bill?

Reduce usage…
When it’s 5 degrees outside, you can’t just turn off your heater and “tough it out”. These temperatures are dangerously cold. Here’s what you can do…

– Set your thermostat to a lower temperature and bundle up. Dress in layers, wool socks and use blankets).
– Just heat a portion of your home. Close off the vents to all unused rooms.
– Reverse your fan during winter months (See our video about ceiling fans).
– Reduce warm air leaking from windows/doors, by using weatherstripping. Another option is during the coldest days you could even cover the inside of your windows with blankets or plastic sheets to insulate the windows (It’s not pretty, but it works).
– Replace dirty air filters. This allows your HVAC heating system to run as efficiently as possible.
– Program your thermostat. Avoid heating the home when no one is there. (See our video about programming thermostats.)
– Use the “self-cleaning” option on your oven (Cold weather is best time of year to do it). This cleans your oven and creates a lot of heat.
– Drink a warm beverage and snuggle with loved ones. Good companionship and a hot beverage like hot chocolate, can turn a cold day into a great day.

Switch to a fixed rate…
This tip won’t change the amount of natural gas/electricity you consume, but it can help you avoid a sudden rate increase brought on by unexpected or extreme temperatures. If price certainty is important to you, and you want to best avoid that “huge utility bill” consider getting off of the VARIABLE RATE your utility offers and switch to a FIXED RATE like the ones offered by Oasis Energy. This tip works for both electricity and gas. Check rates and availability. 


Be safe and stay warm.



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Reduce your utility bills in 2014 with Oasis Energy’s New Years coupon

Have you made your New Years resolutions yet? Get started…2014 will be upon us before you know it.

If your resolution is to “save more money” or “get out of debt”, Oasis Energy’s New Year’s coupon can help you reach your goal.

Lock in a low fixed rate for your electricity and/or natural gas service and start saving. The New Years coupon removes the $5.95 monthly base fee. That’s a $11.90 a month savings if you sign up for both electricity and gas service.

Oasis Energy NewYears 2014

If your resolution is to be more environmentally conscience we can help you there too. This coupon works for all of Oasis Energy’s 100% renewable electricity plans. Is 2014 the year you switch to affordable green energy?

Use promo code: “2014!

The coupon code expires 01/08/2014.  (So don’t wait too long.)

Make the switch! Check out Oasis Energy’s rates and availability.


Wishing you a peaceful, joyous and prosperous year!
– The Oasis Energy team

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‘Tis the season to be saving!

Oasis Energy’s Christmas coupon code is here!!

The holidays are a great time to save on electricity and natural gas!

Oasis Energy Christmas Coupon

This promo code removes the base fee, saving new customers $5.95/month for as long as they remain an Oasis Energy customer. (That’s over $70 a year!)

Use promo code “MERRY13” when you enroll for either natural gas or electricity service.

Hurry this promotion doesn’t last long. It expires 12/27/2013.

Check out Oasis Energy’s rates and availability.

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Gobble Up Energy Savings With Oasis Energy’s Thanksgiving Coupon.

Switch now and save big.

Oasis Energy’s Thanksgiving coupon code removes the $5.95 monthly base fee from your bill for LIFE! That’s over a $70/year savings, this year, next year…every year. Combine this coupon with Oasis’ already low rates and the savings really start to add up.

oasis energy thanksgiving coupon codeHungry for savings? Gobble up this deal now.

This coupon works on ALL of Oasis Energy’s electricity and natural gas plans.

Check rates and availability in your area.
(If you’re in Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, or Illinois, chances are we’ve got you covered.)

Coupon expires 12/05/2013

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How Renewable Electricity Plans Work.

“If my utility is still providing my physical electricity regardless of which electricity supplier I choose, how do I get 100% renewable electricity?”

This is a simple question Oasis Energy gets asked quite often. The answer isn’t simple, but we’ve done our best to explain it below. (Keep in mind the process is a little more complicated than we’re explaining below. We’ve simplified it, so the average consumer can conceptually understand the process.)

There are two parts to your electricity service:

 1. Physical path – this is the source and flow of the actual electrons.

Unless you physically hook up a windmill or solar panels to your house, you are getting your power from “the grid”. Electricity follows the path of least resistance, so your electricity is most likely coming from your local/regional generation sources. When the electricity hits the main lines, the electrons produced from nuclear, coal, wind, solar, etc all get mixed together into “the grid”. So, from a physical stand point, unless your source of power is isolated from the grid, the actual power flowing into your house is not in your control or in the control of your supplier.

2. Contract path – this is the flow of the money and financial contracts. This is the portion that is absolutely in your control.

By choosing 100% renewable energy, you are “voting with your dollars”, and financially supporting the increase of the total amount of renewable sources in the grid mix. When customers purchase a 100% renewable electricity plan, they’re still getting their electricity from the same electricity grid to serve their immediate power needs. But Oasis takes it a step further,by purchasing renewable energy certificates (known as RECs) to match/offset our customers’ usage. This ensures they are purchasing a 100% renewable energy product and investing in a cleaner grid for everyone.

Oasis Energy - How Renewable Electricity Works

Think of the electric grid as a huge water cooler that is refilled from multiple faucets. The first faucet represents renewable energy like wind, solar, hydro and biomass. The second faucet represents different non-renewable electricity generation sources such as coal, oil, gas, and nuclear. Currently the vast majority of sources filling the grid are from polluting fossil fuels and nuclear energy (which produces hazardous waste).

As more customers request electricity from renewable sources, more RECs are purchased, hence, more “clean water” pours into the “water cooler” and less “dirty water” is added. Eventually, the color of the water cooler begins to clear up as more and more people begin demanding green energy.

When you purchase renewable energy, it does not mean your physical electricity is coming directly from renewable generation sources. Once the electrons from each source enter the grid, they blend together and can not be separated or filtered by source. However, it does mean that the electricity being poured back into the grid on your behalf comes from 100% renewable energy sources and not from polluting fossil fuels. You are choosing how your power is generated, not how it is delivered. Your delivery remains the same. Your local utility company still owns and maintains the poles and wires and restores service during outages.

How it works: Oasis Energy purchases generic electricity from the grid to handle your immediate power needs. We then purchase enough renewable energy certificates (RECs) to equal or exceed our customer’s usage. This guarantees our customers’ electricity usage is offset with a direct investment in 100% renewable energy. This is how almost every renewable energy product is sold.


Watch out for the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.
Who you do business with matters. Some of the leading companies in the “green electricity” business are subsidiaries of the big coal, big oil and big nuclear power companies. Oasis Energy is not the subsidiary of any company that owns coal, oil, gas or nuclear generation facilities. Oasis Energy does not own any coal, oil, gas, or nuclear generation facilities.
Before signing up for a green energy plan we encourage you to take a few minutes to research who owns the company you are signing up with. You might be unintentionally supporting a company that is a heavy generator of dirty fossil fuels.


How much does green electricity cost?
Check out Oasis Energy’s Electricity Plans. Including our 100% Renewable Electricity plans. Search for pricing and availability by zip code.


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Oasis Energy sales reps bring affordable renewable energy to your door.

Have you seen one of Oasis Energy’s field sales reps yet?
If you live in the Baltimore area you might see one soon.

Our salespeople are going door-to-door to spread the word about our new affordable 100% renewable electricity plans. Green energy from wind, solar, hydro and biomass! We will also have traditional electricity and natural gas plans available.

Clean electricity plans have been around for several years, but now Oasis Energy is breaking the mold and offering affordable plans. Depending on your electricity usage, our green energy plans cost around the same price or just a few dollars more a month than BGE’s traditional fossil fuel based electricity plans.

Oasis Energy Sales PersonThe photo above shows a typical Oasis representative in uniform.

We understand many people are cautious when it comes to solicitors, so we’ve released the following information to make it easier to identify our reps, both by their appearance and actions.

How to spot an authorized Oasis Energy field representative.
The uniform varies depending on the weather.

1. Bright yellow jacket with an Oasis Energy logo on the left breast pocket.
2. Bright orange polo shirt with Oasis Energy logo on the left breast pocket.
3. White beanie style knit cap, or a baseball cap in black, khaki or white. All hats or caps worn by Oasis sales reps display the Oasis Energy logo in the center.
4. A Photo ID badge on a lanyard. This contains the reps name, photo, ID number, and Oasis Energy company information and contact information.
5. Oasis Energy reps will never claim to be from BGE or from the utility company.
6. During the sales process, our reps may ask to see your current utility bill and ask for your BGE account numbers, your Electric Choice ID / Gas Choice ID. This allows us to calculate savings, compare our service plans to your current plans, and to sign you up with Oasis Energy. (NOTE: Oasis Energy reps WILL NEVER ask for personal information such as social security numbers, date of birth, drivers license numbers, or any other personal information not found on your current utility bill.)

Your feedback is important to us.
If you have any compliments, complaints, concerns or suggestions regarding our field representatives soliciting in your area, please let us know. If you are concerned about possible scams, individuals impersonating our reps, or misrepresenting our company we certainly want to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment on this blog post, email us at, or call us at 1-800-324-3046.

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